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I spent 15 years of my life heavily medicated. I was on the maximum dosage of antidepressants and yet I still felt something was wrong. I also hated the fact that my happiness was seemingly reliant upon a pill. I tried many times to get off them but it was just too hard. Looking back I am grateful I was put on medication from a young age because I believe I may have become very self-destructive if not. But, I also now see that my "diagnosis" was incorrect. I was told that there was a chemical imbalance in my brain and I would never be happy without medication. This was simply not true. I now know that I was just in a lot of pain and nobody knew how to help me. My parents both took antidepressants most of their lives so they assumed that they had "passed it on" to me. Which made sense because I had a seemingly normal childhood with no real trauma. Now I understand that trauma does NOT always look like an terrible incident. Please know this, too.

I was eventually able to get off medication and find some happiness by working with an acupuncturist, supplementing with mood enhancing vitamins, and a full-blown lifestyle change. I moved to California, took up yoga, and changed my diet. This was a huge change! Yet, still... it was a struggle to maintain. I was tired a lot, I struggled financially no matter how much I worked, and all my relationships quickly fell apart. I also seemed to sabotage every opportunity that came my way and began getting migraines and back pain. It didn't matter how positive my thinking was, how many affirmations I did, or how much yoga I did. There was still work to be done. 

The key was realizing that EVERYTHING is energy. I spent many years working with various energy healers and finally started feeling a change. And it wasn't until I found a school that truly reconnected me with Source/God, and simultaneously implemented modern psychological therapy that I now FINALLY feel whole. It's the blending Eastern and Western, ancient and modern, that will finally heal the world. This is what I am proud to say I now share with others. 


I am an Energy Therapist. My healing work is based on empowerment. My goal is not to “fix” you or even heal you really. It is to connect you with your own ability to heal yourself as well as provide the necessary human connection required in healing. Because, while we don’t need somebody else to fix us, we do need sacred mirrors. Somebody to reflect back to us our own divinity. Someone objective who can see past our traumas and blockages.


Many on the path have been working on self-healing, which is great. But, it is lacking. Especially when it comes to relating and relationships. The part of us that wants to “do it all ourselves” usually stems form a fear of connection with others. Our trust has been broken by others too many times to open up truly to anyone. During my work with clients, we heal these ruptures within the system and create a foundation of safety and connection. 


Throughout our work together, you will learn to access oneness consciousness (your connection to source and all that is) as well as heal traumas at their core so you no longer suffer from them. You will restore your nervous system to a state of rest and truly begin to understand a life of surrender. I also work with the help of inter-dimensional beings who assist in the upgrading of our energy system as we are evolving so rapidly at this time. 


If you have any questions about my work. Please don’t hesitate to reach out via the contact form below. 


I am a multi -passionate being. For years I fought this fact. My heartstrings have alway been tugged in multiple directions making it hard to land on one means of serving my purpose in the world. These days, I embrace my diverse nature. I am a teacher, I am a healer, and I am a singer-songwriter. The one thread, however, that is woven through each of these facets of me is growth and healing. Or spirituality. Whatever you like to call it. These are synonymous to me. I am driven by the desire to go to the depths, and the heights, of possibility within the human experience. I am called forth by my true nature. My divinity. It has taken me years of work to unearth my Self from...myself. While I chipped away for many years at the layers of identity, conditioning, and patterning, the real growth came through surrender. This is what I hope to always keep at the core of my teaching and healing. To step away from doing, and into being and allowing. As this was my greatest lesson (and continues to be), I now understand it to be my most valuable offering. This, and the absolute knowing that everything you seek lies within.



"I am so grateful for the work I did with Emily! She is attuned, kind and insightful. She allowed me to move big energies that I wasn’t able to work with alone. She guided me while creating space for my own deep listening and wisdom. I felt empowered working with Emily as she taught me new ways to work with energies. I could not ask for a more sensitive, skilled and intuitive guide!"

~ Jodi S.

Boulder, CO

"Emily is a talented and intuitive healer. She has helped me learn how to tap into my own intuitive nature and to be aware of what is happening in my mind and body. Whenever I have a session with her I always come away feeling like I have healed a small part of me and opened up my heart and mind to the power that is available to me through the universe."

~ Cristina F. 

Heber City, Utah 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Emily a couple of times now for distance (phone) healing sessions. If you have ever had reservations about the power of work that can happen when a session isn't done in person, Emily quickly removes that fear or doubt. On both occasions, I felt very quickly connected (with her) and had clear, powerful experiences of tapping into energy, clearing things out, and getting help and support to process things. My first session worked on healing old trauma and past wounds. My second session helped me to unlock and discover my "superpowers". Emily has a particular sensitivity that I feel really allows her to hold space for clients and tune in to the places where work really needs to be done. These sessions have helped provide me with healing, power, and clarity to find more ease and abundance in my personal and professional life!"

~ Genevieve C.

Sayulita, Mexico

"In my work with Emily, I was struck by her ability to track my awareness, and my system. She was able to skillfully guide me to a place, and state, where I was able to access my “big -self”. This work transformed my relationship, to myself. I am forever grateful for her skillful, compassionate presence that guided me home. I highly recommend anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with themselves, to work with Emily."

~ Kyle L.

Boulder, CO






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