The goal of my work is to unearth the purest, most unbound version of the Self. This has been and continues to be my life's work within myself (as the purest Self is infinite, this is a never ending journey) and in service. I'll begin by painting an energetic picture. As you read these words, feel the vibrations of them. You are entirely capable of reaching these vibrational states in your lifetime because everything is actually already there, already within you. 

Life is effortless. As you move about your days, you know it is not 'you' who is doing the moving. But something bigger is moving you. You no longer need to constantly plan and figure things out. There is flow to your day and to your life. And you trust it. In a sense, you've gotten fully out of your own way. You've stepped aside and given your life over to the divine. You fully trust the timing and pacing that your life is unfolding. You know in each moment, you are exactly where you are supposed to be. Some days feel harder. You feel tired and unable to fulfill some of your desires. But, you naturally honor that. You rest and trust you will be restored. Some days you are feeling the depths of your emotions, but you welcome that also. You love your emotions and they bring about a feeling of loving tenderness in you. A sweetness. You feel your innate ability to nurture and care. There is a beauty to the whole process. 

You notice you are always in the right place at the right time. You don't have to force anything. You show up in service simply by existing. The people whom you can be of service to seem to show up right in front of you and vice versa. Simply by following your own desires, inspirations, and joy, everything seems to unfold in front of you. The perfect words flow from you without you having to think about them. There is nothing filtering your expression anymore. You are the fullest version of yourself. You have no fear of the effect you have on others because again, it is not the small you who is talking, it is the big You who does not speak through the lense of past pain and experience. The big You is tapped into the here and now, and something much greater.

This is a life of surrender and connection to the divine. This goes well beyond the current methods of personal growth which are rooted in doing. Doing is like a plague that has taken over humanity. It is rooted in our core wound of separateness from God or the Divine. It's the feeling that we are alone here and need to do it all ourselves. Even though we may believe on some level that there are higher forces at work. We cannot truly feel it yet so we don't fully trust it. So, we act accordingly. Doing our best to navigate this world through intellect. The mind takes over. Rightly so at first because it is seemingly our only tool for navigation. The goal of my work is to reconnect you with Source. Which is the true source of your power. And believe me, each of us is way more powerful than we think. Everytime I feel into someones essence and full power, I am blown away. And it's our true nature! I will never get used to it or tire of feeling it. The journey towards living fully in your true nature is not an easy feat. It is brave work. It involves dismantling everything you know to be true of the world, and yourself. It even means letting go of the aspects of yourself that you take pride in. Knowing there is something greater than pride that awaits you. This work involves diving deep into your childhood, and nurturing the inner child into full maturity. It involves self-study and disciplined practice. It involves delving into painful areas  and patterns of your life. Some of which you may not have know were there. While this is a large feat, I can assure you, it is worth it. If you resonate with these words and feel a call to take the leap, please connect with me.


I am a multi -passionate being. For years I fought this fact. My heartstrings have alway been tugged in multiple directions making it hard to land on one means of serving my purpose in the world. These days, I embrace my diverse nature. I am a teacher, I am a healer, and I am a singer-songwriter. The one thread, however, that is woven through each of these facets of me is growth and healing. Or spirituality. Whatever you like to call it. These are synonymous to me. I am driven by the desire to go to the depths, and the heights, of possibility within the human experience. I am called forth by my true nature. My divinity. It has taken me years of work to unearth my Self from...myself. While I chipped away for many years at the layers of identity, conditioning, and patterning, the real growth came through surrender. This is what I hope to always keep at the core of my teaching and healing. To step away from doing, and into being and allowing. As this was my greatest lesson (and continues to be), I now understand it to be my most valuable offering. This, and the absolute knowing that everything you seek lies within.


"I am so grateful for the work I did with Emily! She is attuned, kind and insightful. She allowed me to move big energies that I wasn’t able to work with alone. She guided me while creating space for my own deep listening and wisdom. I felt empowered working with Emily as she taught me new ways to work with energies. I could not ask for a more sensitive, skilled and intuitive guide!"

~ Jodi S.

Boulder, CO

"Emily is a talented and intuitive healer. She has helped me learn how to tap into my own intuitive nature and to be aware of what is happening in my mind and body. Whenever I have a session with her I always come away feeling like I have healed a small part of me and opened up my heart and mind to the power that is available to me through the universe."

~ Cristina F. 

Heber City, Utah 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Emily a couple of times now for distance (phone) healing sessions. If you have ever had reservations about the power of work that can happen when a session isn't done in person, Emily quickly removes that fear or doubt. On both occasions, I felt very quickly connected (with her) and had clear, powerful experiences of tapping into energy, clearing things out, and getting help and support to process things. My first session worked on healing old trauma and past wounds. My second session helped me to unlock and discover my "superpowers". Emily has a particular sensitivity that I feel really allows her to hold space for clients and tune in to the places where work really needs to be done. These sessions have helped provide me with healing, power, and clarity to find more ease and abundance in my personal and professional life!"

~ Genevieve C.

Sayulita, Mexico

"In my work with Emily, I was struck by her ability to track my awareness, and my system. She was able to skillfully guide me to a place, and state, where I was able to access my “big -self”. This work transformed my relationship, to myself. I am forever grateful for her skillful, compassionate presence that guided me home. I highly recommend anyone who wants to deepen their relationship with themselves, to work with Emily."

~ Kyle L.

Boulder, CO



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