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Latest album "Free" Available On All Streaming Platforms

I like to call myself an inspirational singer-songwriter. My songs come from the depths of my internal journey. The lightness and the dark. Music came to me at a time when I needed it most. It is my hope that it reaches the ears of people in their time of need. Maybe you want to feel uplifted and empowered, or maybe you just want to know you are not alone in your struggles. It's always been my belief that my music comes from some place higher than myself. It comes through me, not from me. I see everything that we go through as an opportunity for growth. Even the mundane, everyday experiences. My new album "Free" looks at freedom from all aspects. Freedom to be unapologetically who we are, freedom to make mistakes, freedom to love and be loved, and freedom to push the boundaries of what's possible. The underlying message portrayed however, is freedom from ourselves. What moved this album was a deep understanding that we impose all our limitations on ourselves. While this is daunting, its is also extremely empowering. You have the power to create what you desire. I hope you not only enjoy my music, but that it touches a place within you that you didn't know was there.


A Love Story 

(Because songwriters get to use improper grammar😜 )

Music was the first way in which I actively connected with the divine. Although I didn't know that's what was happening at the time. It was the first outlet I found to express the full range of my emotions. Sadly, it didn't happen until ripe age of 22. It immediately became my passion. I traded in my life of partying and began locking myself in my room for hours on end. Most of my first songs fell onto the "darker" side of the spectrum, having 22 years of pent up anguish to unleash. I specifically remember playing one of my first songs to a friend and his reaction being "wow, are you ok?" Slowly but surely though, as I released pain through music, my words lightened and I found a sense of purpose. 

Over the years, music remained my soul passion and I devoted myself to the goal of "making it" with my music. I also began studying and teaching yoga and found that those two passions could blend harmoniously with the right songs. This prompted me to begin writing more "spiritual" music. Or at least music that was inspiring and uplifting to serenade my students with during Savasana. Not surprisingly, blending my music with my spirituality opened up many doors. It helped me build an audience and I even got to know (and sing a few times with) Mr. Jason Mraz as he was a student at the studio I taught at. I share this as an example of how inviting spirituality into your life can amplify everything you do. It creates a current of grace that underlies your entire life.

Throughout the years though, music and I fell in and out of love. I grew weary of, or better put, I never had the energy for the rat race. I pushed myself for many years trying to create recordings I thought would catch on, playing cover song gigs to try to make a living with my music, but all of it fell short for me. My soul craved more ease and flow and ultimately, healing. As I healed myself, I began to heal my relationship with music. It opened me up to bringing through higher vibrational music, and brought me deeper into my body which even improved my voice. My approach to music has totally changed and transformed. We are happily in love again and I look forward to releasing some of my new music to the world! You can hear some of it now on my YouTube channel!

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