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How to Choose and Work with Crystals

Emily Drew - opalite crystal

⁠Working with crystals should be a fun and intuitive process. If you don't consider yourself intuitive just yet (everyone is!), let choosing crystals be a nice opportunity to practice. Crystals are the Earth's beautiful gifts to us to support us in our healing and awakening journey. I am OBSESSED with crystals. Those who consider themselves empathic or highly sensitive should definitely keep them around.

Everyone has their own way of choosing the right crystals for them but I am going to share with you my way. It's simple and effective.

Many people might start by looking up the metaphysical properties of the crystal and search for what they desire to feel. This is an okay method but for me, the goal is to get out of my mind, away from desire, and into my BODY.

I like to let my body lead me when I'm choosing crystals. So, here is my method:

First, I head to the crystal shop! Note that not all crystal shops are created equal. As a very sensitive person, sometimes I can become very dizzy, nauseous and undgrounded in certain shops. You can usually tell by how neat and orderly things are in the shop. If it's a crazy mess in there... I wouldn't shop there. Take in the vibe of the shop first. And if you notice you feel unwell after being in there a bit, head out.

When I'm at the shop, I take a few breaths and drop out of my head and into my body and begin to peruse. Know that you will be drawn to the ones you need. They will catch your eye or interest you in someway. I find it so funny how I can go to the same shop over and over and be drawn to ones I was never drawn to before.

When I see one that catches my eye, I pick it up and hold it in my left hand. Your left hand is your receiving/feminine hand. If you are left hand dominant, it could feel opposite for you so maybe try the non-dominant hand if you aren't feeling anything.

Next, I close my eyes and tune into my body. I notice if I feel anything shifting or changing in my energy. When it's one that I need, I feel energy movement. To me, this means this crystal has a quality I need. You may also notice emotions arising with different crystals. If you like the feeling and it makes you feel good, great! Get it!

At that point I like to then look up the metaphysical properties on my phone. I'm always delighted to find that it directly correlates with something I have been working on in my life.

If you pick up the crystal and feel nothing, as pretty as it might be, let it go. You don't need it. You do not need what it has to give at this time. You may need in another time but trust your body wisdom to tell you whether you need it at that moment.

I pick up a lot of crystals when I go I usually end up with 2 or 3. The size and amount is all up to you and your budget. Whatever you can afford is perfectly what you need.

OK I've got my crystals... now what?

First, cleanse them! I always like to cleanse them first so they feel fresh and new to me. Crystals can pick up energy from their environment and people who have picked them up so give them a good soak in some heavily salted water first. At least for a few minutes. Some crystals are sensitive to water like Selenite. Other than that most can be washed.

Now it's time to use them! The best time to use them is during meditation. If you can pack them however, meaning carrying them on your body somewhere like your pocket or a bra, that's a great idea too. I've never been much of a packer as I generally don't have pockets and have a smaller chest (not great for packing crystal lol) so I usually use them during meditation.

I keep my most current and favorite crystals right next to where I meditate. The ones that I don't use much anymore often get gifted or used as decor. After a while your energy changes and you may not feel connected to certain ones anymore and that's ok! It just means you've gotten what you needed from it.

I have two that have become my favorite stones and I often begin with those. Mostly because they aid in grounding and calming me. Then, I switch to whatever is calling me. Often my newest ones because I know I need those the most at this time. Sometimes I hold many at a time but often I will hold one in each hand. As I do, I open myself up to receive their magical gifts. Again, you just trust your intuition and body wisdom here. And if there is one that you know has energy you are longing for, go ahead and grab it!

I hope this helps you and gets you excited about using crystals for healing. They are here to serves us!

Much Love,


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