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Life Bends for the Courageous

I recently relocated to LA. All I knew to start was that LA was calling to me. I had no plan, no idea what I would be doing out here, no idea where I was going to live or how I was going to afford living in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

But here I am. In my own apartment that I love with all the resources I need.

One thing to note is that I did not have the resources when I began my journey to here. They appeared AFTER I made the solid choice that I was coming here and took the leap.

I can't remember where I heard the phrase "Life bends for the courageous" but it has always stuck with me. We are extremely powerful beings. When we make a clear choice, a solid decision, the universe begins conspiring in our favor. It bends to our will and reorganizes around our desires. It delivers everything NECESSARY for you to make this happen. I think we get tripped up on how much is actually necessary to make things happen. For my move to LA, what showed up was literally JUST enough for me to make it happen and be comfortable. The universe doesn't always provide and extra cushion so FAITH HAS TO BE YOUR CUSHION.

The only caveat to this whole concept is this...

If the choice is not in your highest and best good, the universe will instead redirect you by NOT supporting this choice. Sometimes there is a lesson to be learned by getting the things you desire that aren't right for you. So that is the only caveat to this caveat lol.

But know this:

If you are struggling and forcing something to happen, it's probably not the right choice. Often what we are trying to manifest comes from the mind. From conditioning and comparison to what others have. The universe will not support this. You will be creating on your own.

So how do you know if it's the right decision???

I spent about 4 years in the trenches doing the deep work that allowed me to come out the others side with a deep sense of trust. During this time I had to make a lot of moves that were scary. But, the more I did it. The more I learned to trust. The more I saw how life would bend in my favor. I pretty much had to learn the hard way.

The right move/decision is usually NOT the safest and most comfortable one. In fact, it's almost always the opposite. It's the scariest one. Especially when you are on a path of healing and awakening.

Know that life WANTS to give you what is in your highest good and joy. Also know, you may not even know what that is yet. A clue however, is that it is often related to your deepest, and often most ignored desires. The things we've always wanted to do but had a million excuses not to. The things we've always wanted to try or the places we've always wanted to go. Know there is always a way. You may just need to make the choice first.

I could give you so many examples of how life shows up for us when we let it. Sometimes we might think we are trusting already but I'm betting you can trust even more. Our most common excuse for not doing things is money. We think we can't afford to do the things we want. I'm here to tell you that I have done "crazy" things like quit all my jobs and move to Bali with almost no money and it has always worked out. In fact, Bali was one of the things that I had always wanted to do and years and years had gone by without me being able to "afford" it. At some point I just got so fed up with living a life that drained me and didn't afford me the things I wanted. I said, if i'm gonna be broke, I wanna be broke in Bali. I quit my jobs and took whatever I had left and bought a one way ticket to Bali (that was all I could afford). I had enough money I thought to last me a month. I ended up living there for 3 months living in a big beautiful villa. It of course was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It changed me forever. That is why the desire was there so strongly. Everything I felt I was missing in my life I found there. Of course it was inside me all along but I had to go there to discover it.

Again, it would take too long to explain all the synchronicities and amazing things that have showed up when I've made bold moves. Just know, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Be courageous and life will bend in your favor.

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