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My Parasite Cleanse Protocol

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

Let's talk about PARASITES! I recently found out (through a very intuitive mentor of mine) that I was/am dealing with parasites! Truthfully, I was dealing with "invasion" on more levels than one. There are energetic things out there that can attach to your system and really pull you down. I speak from experience. That's for another blog though. If you feel like that might be happening however, please contact me and I may be able to help.

For the purposes of this blog, we are talking about real, worm-like, intestinal parasites. Yuck, I know. After doing tons of research and feeling very overwhelmed by all the different things that are recommended, I finally got a routine down that works and is manageable. So, if you are dealing with parasites or just wanting to do a cleanse (because they are very common and most of us do have some) then this will be an easy, concise protocol that works.

Im currently in my second week and I have definitely passed some dead worms so I know its working. Man is it a good feeling to see them leave your body. From what I've gathered though it is important to cleanse for an extended period of time, taking breaks throughout. I will lay it all out in the protocol below. I'll also give you a list of all the supplements I got (from Amazon!) and the anti-parasitic foods I'm eating.

I won't go into detail about the whys of the cleanse and where they come from, i'm here to just give you a simple easy to follow protocol because when I was doing my research, I COULD not find one. I had to hodge-podge a few together to make it all manageable.

So let's get started!

First I will list off the supplements needed for a parasite cleanse with easy links to buy them on Amazon. Bonus: they were all super affordable!


First: you need a binder. As you kill the parasites, they release toxins into your system and the binder helps catch and release them. It will make it all waaaaay easier. I bought capsules but note that I am emptying them into a glass of lemon water (aka charcoal lemonade) and chugging that for faster action. The product says you should take it 2-3 hours before you eat which seems ridiculous to me because I often eat again within 3 hours. So, I gulp it down, getting the added alkalizing benefits of the lemon juice, and wait at least an hour. The instructions say to take 2 but I started with one and have worked my way up to two capsules because I am a small person. Plus, I like to make them last longer. Its been working well for me. Use your intuition on how much to take.

Here's the one I found thats super affordable:


Next you will need anti-parasitic herbs. There are a lot of different ones but this supplement seemed to have the main ones needed which are: wormwood, cloves, and black walnut. It also has garlic which is highly recommended for parasite cleanses.

Diatomaceous Earth

Next is Diatomaceous Earth. This stuff is what they use for parasites in farm animals. It sounds gross but it is completely tasteless and easy to take. Below is the bag I got. This brand only had a 1lbs bag as the smallest option but it seemed like a good company.


That's it for supplements! But there is more. Foods like papaya (especially the seeds) and pumpkin seeds are also anti-parasitic. So I keep a container of pumpkin seeds near where I eat and try to eat a few with every meal. I also throw a few in my daily smoothie.

As for papaya, I wasn't sure how to dry the seeds but I read that you could just take half a papaya, seeds and all, and blend it up. I decided to try making it a smoothie and to my surprise, it was delicious! The seeds add a little spice. I leave the pumpkin seeds out if I use papaya. Here is my yummy smoothie recipe:

1 cup oat milk (unsweetened)

Half a papaya scooped out (all of it)

1 frozen banana

Protein powder of your choice (try to find one with very low sugar). This can also be skipped.

1/4 of an avocado (I like mine thick and creamy but this can also be skipped.)

This is a creamy dreamy delight for me AND it kills parasites. I'll probably continue to drink it when I'm done my cleanse.

If you haven't done any other research, you are to avoid processed foods, white carbs, and sugar.

I already eat pretty clean but I do love my Trader Joe's frozen meals from time to time. I already eat mostly a vegan/vegetarian so I really haven't changed my diet too much. I'm just being stricter on any splurges. I'm also making sure to eat a good amount of food. I find I can be quite hungry on this cleanse because my body is working hard to clear out toxins and parasite. I also don't have a ton of energy for intense workouts so I'm listening to my body.


A while back I got really into coffee enemas, which would be great also but for now I am just doing regular water enemas. This helps to keep flushing everything out. Trust me you will be surprised how much comes out after you have already gone to the bathroom. I was doing them everyday in the beginning because I was feeling a bit constipated. Since adding magnesium in though it's been less so but I will still do enemas as often as possible. If you've never done one and are scared or grossed out, don't be. Regular water enemas can replace expensive colonics and have all the same benefits. Here's the kit I got:

Last thing you'll need is a good probiotic. I'll be honest I've been cheap and using Trader Joes Probiotics so just find one that works for your budget.

That's all for you necessities! So here is the protocol as far as when to do everything. It can be tricky to time it all out.

The Parasite Cleanse Protocol

1. Upon waking: Drink charcoal lemonade - Your body will thank you as you will be taking the Diamtamaceous Earth before bed which will kill them, which in turn releases a lot of toxins. You make wake up feeling heavy and groggy but this will help.

2. Wait at least 1 hour before eating.

3. While you wait, do an enema. These are best done on an empty stomach and after a bowel movement.

3. Take Anti-parasitic herb 20 minutes before you eat. So basically I wait and hour and 20 minutes before I eat.

4. Replace either breakfast or lunch with a smoothie with either pumpkin seeds or papaya.

5. Take herbs 20 minutes before lunch and before dinner.

6. Take Probiotics with one of the meals earlier in the day.

7. Optional second charcoal lemonade in between meals if you are feeling brought down by toxins.

8. Before bed - Take Diatamaceous Earth mixed in large glass of water. Make sure you space out the Diatamaceous Earth and the probiotics as I read this can make you sick.

That's the daily routine! This feels way more manageable to me than some of the things I found online.


From what I gathered, I am starting with 1 capsule of the herbs and will move up to 2 after 2 weeks.

Breaks -

I read to do two weeks on, then one week off the anti-parasitic herbs so that is what I am going to do for 3 months.

I hope this all helps! You may need to do a bit more research if you haven't already but like i said, what I struggled to find was a good daily routine that was doable so hopefully this helps.

Reach out if you have questions!

Much Love and happy cleansing!


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