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What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing comes in many different forms and can address almost all ailments such as depression, anxiety, physical pain, and trauma. The most commonly known form of Energy Healing is Reiki. However, there many other types and methods used to promote healing using energy. Throughout this article, I will give you a basic overview of what it means to receive energy healing.

Energy healing is all based on the knowledge that everything is energy. Our physical bodies, our emotions, even our thoughts represent different densities of energy. As such, an Energy Healer is someone who has learned or innately knows how to manipulate energy to induce or cause healing to take place. There are many ways that this can occur.

Reiki, the most commonly known form (think Mister Miagi) and in my opinion, the most rudimentary. Reiki practitioners receive what are called “Attunements.” These Attunements are said to open a channel in the body that allows healing energy to flow through there arms and our their hands. Having received two Attunements, I can attest that during my first one, I did feel a surge of energy come down through my head and arms to my hands. This is basically a purification processes but we ALL have the capability of doing this. I believe that these Attunements simply amplify. Our palms already contain small chakras (energy centers). That is why any loving touch feels so good. Know that this is actually energy healing as well.

I am personally not a huge fan of Reiki healing. It implies that the healer has special powers that you do not. We are all healers in one way or another. “Reiki” energy, or healing energy, can be anything with loving intent behind it. Really, the pure energy of love is the most healing of all. We can all learn to access an abundance of healing energy.

Know that you have experienced energy healing even if you haven’t received a session. Anytime you have had an emotional release, there is healing taking place. Emotions are energy in motion. Think about the force that is ever-present in your body that works to heal you constantly. I call this the healing field and we are all connected to it. It's the invisible force that heals our bodies when we get a cut. The force that is always working on our behalf. Often we get angry at our bodies when we have ailments. What we have to understand is that the body is alerting us to something that it cannot heal on its own. It needs our help. There is something we must address. Generally it is emotionally related or diet related.

As an Energy Healer, here is my take on it. Most ailments we have are do to energy in the body that is not flowing freely or fully. Although sometimes it can go much deeper. There can be a complete disconnect from our own energy field. This is often called dissociation. It means our internal experience is or at some point was so hard to handle, we place our whole focus elsewhere. We essentially live up in our heads or even outside the body without realizing it. This is the bodies intelligent way of helping us cope.

However, it is often simply stuck emotional energy. We cannot address energy healing without knowledge of basic psychology. Many of the dis-eases that are rampant these days are due to large amounts of repressed emotional energy. The society we live in today is in no way conducive to a healthy energy field. It is this blocked energy (that we often cannot feel) that is leading us to distract and consume at unhealthy rates.

I digress.. I could go on for quite a while about that…

The most effective forms of energy healing address unresolved psychological and emotional issues such as events from your childhood. Particularly between the ages of 1 and 7. These show up in the energy field as blockages, ruptures, tears, etc. What makes energy healing more effective than typical therapy is that it is addressed as just that. Energy. Not a diagnosis, not a mental disorder that you are a victim of. It is seen as the bodies natural way of protecting you. The body is very smart in that way. Each repressed emotion is stored somewhere in the body or sometimes the energy field or aura. Energy healers should also know how to tune into the energy and help you locate the stuck areas.

The other factor that is often addressed and healed within energy healing sessions is past lives. These play much more of a roll than we think. Any traumatic experiences we had in past lives that were not properly processed stay with us. For example, I had always been terrified of suffocating (like if there was a pillow over my face for half a second I would freak out). I found out later I had many past lives where I died this way. Once they were cleared, I no longer had this fear. Unfortunately due to the time period of most of our past lives, deaths were often violent and stick around in our systems.

The energy from these lives stay in the body and will attract similar experiences as a means of liberating itself. It is the same with stuck energy from this life. Trippy right? The phrase everything happens for a reason takes on new meaning here. This is not victim blaming in any way. Just a fact that unhealed energy will attract similar situations so that it can be processed properly. Again, is actually trying to heal itself. On the other hand, sometimes we simply need to have certain experiences as part of our growth and what we are here to learn. There's no exact science to these things but working with an energy healer can help you sort through it. That is our gift. We can see, feel, and sense the origin or whatever is blocked and having the awareness of what it is you are feeling helps it to clear and heal. Most of us have subconsciously blocked our awareness from these things so that we can survive and do the things we need to do. But, they will always need to be addressed one way or another. Best before it turns into disease in the body.

A good energy healer will not simply heal you, but guide you deeper into yourself. Help you build a stronger foundation and connection between mind, body, and spirit. They will help you gain understanding of why you attract certain experiences and relationships over and over. They can also help you discover your innate gifts.

I hope this basic overview was helpful. If you are interested in trying energy healing, please reach out. Or if you are feeling drawn to somebody else, I highly encourage you to follow your gut.

Happy Healing Friends.

Much love,


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