The Expansion Package is designed for healing and transformation on all levels. It is a 3 month program for those who are ready to heal, awaken, and discover their true selves. Making this commitment to your growth ensures that you get maximum benefit, and that any self-sabotaging patterns that may be present cannot get in the way of your healing.  The parts of you that resist awakening (the distorted ego that will always fight to stay alive) will quickly become non-committal.  Making this commitment to real growth and change in your life is brave work, but is necessary if you desire awakening. The benefit of the Expansion Package is that you are supported and guided through the process. You do not have to do it alone. 


  • Weekly 60-90 minute 1 on 1 sessions done via Zoom

  • A custom guided meditation made just for you and your specific needs

  • Superpower Discovery 

  • Voxer Support in between sessions


Unlike many healers, I have the ability to track and attune to what is happening inside my clients' bodies, emotions, energy systems, and awareness.  This allows me to guide them towards blockages and wounds that they weren't aware of before.  Rather than me "fixing" or "changing" you, I will support your system in healing itself.  This facilitates an empowerment of your Being and its ability to heal itself. I will also teach you tools techniques for healing yourself and expanding your consciousness so you will not only heal, but awaken.


Healing happens on the deepest level when we address the core of our wounding. These are the wounds that set in during childhood as well as past lives. In order to address these wounds, we will carefully and lovingly work through the layers of protection mechanisms that have been put in place. These are a necessary function until we are truly ready to heal. We will also address the layers of societal conditioning, effectively stripping away all that is not our purest Being. As these core wounds are healed, the gifts that they concealed will integrate and you will literally feel yourself becoming more whole. 


This package is for anyone who wants to finally come out of suffering, and discover their true nature. Whether you have been on this path for a while, or are new to it, this package will leap you forward into greater joy and freedom. Specifically, this program is very helpful for the healing of:

  • Trauma

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Physical Pain and Dis-ease 

  • Subconscious Patterns 


  • Healthier relationship to self and others

  • Deep Self-awareness

  • Expanded Consciousness

  • Knowledge of your unique Gifts and how to use them

  • Deeper connection with your body 

  • Relief from pain and suffering

  • Greater levels of joy and peace

  • Greater connection to Source/God


In this package, we will work with what I call the 3 Pillars of Healing. They are: Connection with Source, Loving Presence, and Surrender to the Divine. 

Connection with Source: It is important that we feel a constant connection to Source. Not just during meditation. We want to feel Source moving through everything we do. This is called being Resourced. We each have a specific way of finding this. We have a unique access point, or doorway. During our work together, we will locate this point and learn to use it. As well as open up other access points. 

Loving Presence: For true healing to occur, each part of you must receive unconditional love and presence. It is also important to learn to hold this frequency for ourselves so that we are empowered on our journey.

Surrender to the Divine: While this does mean surrender in your life, you must also learn to surrender and allow the healing to happen. Your system is designed to heal itself, we will simply support that process. Eventually, you will feel this divine flow behind your every move so that your life feels almost effortless.


$1500 for 3 months.

Payment plan available for $550 each month. 

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