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Often we feel like it is hard to get our needs met. We have trouble asking or even acknowledging that we have them!

In this workshop we will look beyond survival needs and into emotional needs. We all have NEEDS (not wants) that must be met in order to fully THRIVE. Sure, we can survive without them, but not fully thrive.

We'll dive into all the reasons why it is challenging for us to get our emotional needs met, understand why they aren't being met, and how to repair this pattern.

If you often find yourself in relationships (w/ partners, friends, or community) where you feel like your needs don't matter or aren't met, this workshop will help you better understand this pattern.

Through my Somatic Awakening meditation and other practices, we will get to know ourselves on a deeper level regarding our needs.

To sign up, please send me a direct message.

Only 12 spots available so book asap!


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

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