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What Is Oneness and How Do I Connect to It?

We’ve all heard the classic saying: We are one. But, for most of us, this is just a pretty concept. An elusive thing that sounds nice but obviously isn’t entirely true. You are over there and I am over here, right?

To me, and many on the path, it is real. It’s something we can feel and experience. It’s something I tune into on a daily basis.

For those new to the path of awakening or the concept of Oneness. I’ll do my best to give you a greater understanding. I’ll explain this is the simplest way I can think of. Know that if you are looking for a super scientific explanation, this might not be what you are looking for.

Oneness is a field that rests beyond our everyday awareness. Most of us are still using the mind as our basic operating system. The mind itself cannot fully understand or access Oneness. Even though it is a part of it. Everything is. You can think of like this: Oneness is a field that everything else rests within. We all know from a scientific perspective, nothing is really solid. Matter is simply more densely compact particles. Even our bodies are. There is actually space between each of our molecules.

So, underlying everything is a actually spaciousness, or an emptiness. This is often what many Zen meditation practitioners are seeking. When you can access the “emptiness”, there is a peace, ease, and completely clear mind that comes along with it. There is a feeling of being connected to something much bigger than ourselves so we do not feel as alone in the world. There is a feeling of infinity and boundlessness. We realize, we are connected to everything. We feel a connection to Source/God.

But, how does that help us in the real world? We can’t all become a renunciate who lives in a cave….

Within this empty spaciousness is energy. There is aliveness. There are emotions and fullness. Think of these as existing within the Oneness. Almost like the next layer on top of it. When we are connected to the open and expansive field of Oneness, there is a free flowing quality to our emotions and aliveness. There are ups and downs but, we understand that they all come from the same field. Energy. There actually is no bad or good. We are meant to experience the full range of emotions. However, none of us are really ever taught how to connect with this infinite source. In fact we are often taught that God is something separate from us that we must bow down to. When in actuality we are ONE with it. So our emotional energy often becomes more density in our bodies. We begin to feel more separate.

After energy (which is vast in itself and has many layers) we then start to enter the realm of the physical. When your meditation practice becomes more advanced, you can tune into each of these layers like a radio dial.

So how do we feel this Oneness or spaciousness?

I have a great guided meditation on my Instagram page you can check out. But, for now…

We must learn the difference between awareness and focus or attention. We can place our attention on one or two things at once as we are limited by the mind capacity. For all those amazing multitaskers out there, maybe more. But, your awareness is behind that. Its the one that is aware of everything at once. It's the one that drives when you’re on autopilot in the car. You can be completely focused on something else in your mind yet still navigate and get yourself home. Even in this moment, it is the part of you that is aware of what room you are in, what state you are in, what you are wearing, and who is around you.

Using this awareness that is resting behind your mind, become aware of the spaciousness in the room you are in. The empty space. The air. Then start to become aware of the empty space behind you. If there is a wall, imagine it is actually empty (because it is!). Become aware of the rest of your home and even the space around it. Maybe even the whole neighborhood or city. Begin to stretch your awareness in this way. Remember, you are not trying to reach your energy out, just seeking empty space all around you through awareness.

Once you’ve done that, begin to notice that YOU are a part of the spaciousness. Your entire body also contains space. Let yourself become one with the spaciousness around you. Eventually you will feel the edges of you body begin to disappear. You begin to become one with everything.

Note: Some people have better luck connecting with spaciousness inside themselves first. Generally very earthy, grounded people have trouble connecting to the “blue sky mind” type of awareness. So, if you are struggling, try that instead. Also know that this takes practice! Be easy on yourself if you are just beginning.

I’d love to answer any questions you have as well as hear about your experience!

Helping you connect to oneness is part of my work If you’d like extra help, book a session. I'm here to assist you.

Happy Meditating,


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